Purchasing and Safety

Q: What safety measures do you use to ensure safe on-line purchase?
A: All information is stores in an external database and the secure payment facilities are provided by PayPal, a secured payment company.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: PayPal accepts all major credit cards. Alternatively you can fax or post your order by printing off the order form and send a cheque made payable to Buono Espresso for the final amount. The order form and catalogue can be downloaded in PDF formats from the shop area of the site.

Q: Do you accept orders over the telephone?
A: Yes, we can accept telephone orders, but you will need to have the product information to hand.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: All goods returned within 28 days in the condition that they were received will receive a full refund.

Q: How can you guarantee product quality?
A: All of the products available from us are products that we have tested ourselves, we will not sell any product that we would not be prepared to use ourselves.


Q: What makes Buono Espresso roasted beans so special?
A: We roast each batch of coffee to order, meaning that the coffee reaching you is as fresh as possible. We are also using the finest green beans.

Q: What's the difference between the lighter and darker roasts?
A: The darker the roast, the stronger the coffee. For a normal blend of filter coffee, the roast is normally medium. Am espresso roast is a dark to very dark roast depending on your taste.

Q: What is the best way to store coffee?
A: Unroasted green coffee can be stored in sacks. It has a shelf life of up to two years and as long as you keep it dry, it is very easy to keep. Roasted coffee does need to be kept airtight and used a lot more quickly. Roasted coffee beans are at their best the day after roasting so it's better to have your coffee roasted little and often, although if you keep it airtight it will keep for several weeks. After grinding, coffee will last for even less time, so we'd recommend that you buy your coffee as beans and grind only what you need.


Q: What is the best way to prepare the different roasts?
A: The darker roasts are best suited to espresso and are best prepared in an espresso maker - either stovetop or an electric machine. Other lighter roasts can be prepared in a number of ways - cafetiere, percolator, filtered etc. However you are free to use your coffee as you wish.

Q: How should I grind my coffee?
A: This depends on how you are going to prepare your coffee. An espresso requires a very fine grind whilst for other preparation methods your coffee can be ground a lot more coarsely. When you order your coffee, just tell us how you'll be using your coffee or how you want it ground using the extra info box provided by PayPal when you complete your purchase. We can then grind your coffee to suit you. Alternatively, leave the box blank and we will send your coffee as beans for you to grind yourself.